We offer a full range of services for clients interested in building a new website, redesigning an old website or rescuing an existing site from a failed previous web designer/hosting company relationship.

We typically use Word Press with Visual Composer (Easy to Use Content Manager Editor) and Yoast SEO plugin for site wide SEO tasks.  And of course we  apply all the “Standard Rules of Design” to ensure your site is appealing, user friendly, easy to navigate, and fast to load.

On average, we charge $2000 for a 3-7 page professional website.  This increases as pages are added, content complexity increases and non-standard functions are added.  In general, the more time your project requires “out of the ordinary”, the more it will cost.  This is particularly true if special skills are required for those “out of the ordinary” requirements.

There are ways to keep this cost down:  writing your own content for each page, selecting the exact pictures you want on each page, providing us with logo files and color palette selections, allowing us to do your design work based on our knowledge and experience versus using a custom design you have in mind that is different than normal standards, having your existing domain registration and hosting login credentials ready for our use immediately (not needing time to locate them) and providing quick review and feedback.  These things will significantly reduce the cost.

But, typically, the project will be quoted at around $2000.

To attain a firm fixed price quote for the complete project, please CONTACT US.

  • Basic Design

    We define Graphical, Functional, Performance, CMS, SEO & Security Requirements.

  • Online Branding

    We incorporate logos, slogans, color paletts, branding images, team images, etc.

  • Mobile Ready Implementation

    We build, configure and implement your website for all devices including desktop, laptop & smart phone.

  • SEO

    We do all onsite SEO work to ensure your site is ranked well and found in a google search.

  • CMS

    We work with you to collect, format, add content to your website and train you how to maintain it.

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