Cody P- Advanced Web Designer and ProgrammerWord Press Web Designer and S/W Engineer

    Advanced Web Designer and Programmer

    Below is a professional summary and technical skills breakdown of Cody’s advanced web designer and programmer experience.

    Professional Summary

    • Develop a wide range of software solutions ranging from SaaS (Software as a Service) Web applications simple website and web apps.
    • Develop in C# MVC4 with Responsive Web CSS, RAZOR and LINQ
    • Design, create and manage SQLServer database
    • Continually educate myself and develop new skills and coding methods
    • Think outside the box and create solutions to sometimes difficult problems

    Technical Skills

    • Structured Programming in Traditional, Event-driven, and Object-oriented Environments, Including: Visual C+ / C#, Visual Basic, NE Java
    • Web Page Design
    • HTML5.0, JavaScript
    • Server Side Scripting

    In addition to possessing these previously attained credentials, our team is regularly trained on emerging advanced web designer and programming technologies and techniques. As such, our team members are always ahead of the curve in terms of doing the right thing – making the right decisions on behalf of our clients.

    These new and emerging technologies and techniques include numerous areas of work that our team works with almost everyday, including: internet performance insights, writing content suitable for SEO, hosting services, email services, online remote connection services, mobile ready technologies, various API services, RSS feeds, Social Network SEO trends, Internet Marketing SEO trends, Word Press trends and updates, Word Press Theme trends, new Word Press Plugins and trends, and much more.

    Our team is also trained on our internal processes for project delivery including standard practices for working with clients, working with other team members, working with third parties, status reporting, etc.

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