Online Presence Initiation

Online Presence Initiation

SEO is a complicated business!  It’s not a simple case of doing your website SEO and expecting that you’re done.

Search engines these days (in particular Google) also expect you to put forth effort in online presence initiation in addition to professional website development.  They expect you to be “known and prevalent” everywhere you can online.  If you are, then they are satisfied you are a good selection for the first page of a search because you’ve invested time and money in building an online presence – therefore you must be a serious business.

Search engines are in the business of finding the BEST match for internet searchers.  If your business is as good as you say it is on your website, then your online presence should be also.  It’s one of the main assumptions behind SEO.

While you are developing your professional website, start planning your online presence.  And the sooner, the better.  Google happens to know when you enlisted online and will credit you with more points if you’ve been there a while.

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