External DB Integration

External DB Integration

Often our customers will need to “connect” up with other information and databases (DBs) somewhere out there on the internet.  We call that external DB integration.

Provided the vendor is willing to give you a license to use this data, we can connect you up to it and make it appear seamless – as though you actually collected and managed that data from your site.

An example of this type of external database integration is MLS listings for our realtor clients.  This type of interface is tricky and requires the right programming, testing, and implementation hosting environment.

But, done right, it can provide your customers with a wealth of valuable information – thus driving lots of traffic to your site.

Providing large amounts of data to your customers is a very good service ONLY if the performance is there.  This requires expertise in configuring a server to do so.  So, always work with people who are capable of doing this.

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