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Custom Software Development

Custom software development includes the ground up programming of one or more functions for your website. These functions may include: e-commerce functions, batch functions, data processing functions, interfaces, feeds, membership functions, social functions and so on.  They may also include job board functions, social network functions and chat functions. Or they may include database integrations, document management routines and download management functions.  Additionally, they may include video streaming management, RSS feeds or API’s.  And finally, they may even include secure financial transactions, online design functions, calculation/conversion functions, mapping functions or batch update functions.  The point is, we deliver results for any of your advanced website coding needs. We have the experience in all of these.

This custom software development though requires the right resources with the right special skills for the job.  Our team is well versed in numerous advanced website coding techniques and languages.  Our skills span numerous programming cross-platforms that accommodate the technical requirements.  So, you can count on us to put the right team together for the job.

We have a wide range of skills including Word Press, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, .net, Java & MySQL & SQL Server.  We use standard systems development methodology to guide them through the various phases including requirements definition, programming, testing, training and implementation.  And finally, we employ the use of all staging environments including development, test and production. So, rest assured we are the right team.

Just because no one else has done it – does not mean you can’t do it.  It just takes creativity, a budget and a team that knows what they are doing.

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