Custom S/W Development

Custom Online Software Development

Sometimes our clients will request custom online software development – either as part of their website (an additional custom function) or as a stand alone custom application.  In other words, they want to build something that has not been yet developed and available for use.  This type of custom online software development is unique and requires full scale professional design, development, testing and implementation services.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in this type of custom online software development and will work with you to define your requirements, plan the project, staff the team, estimate the costs and then get the job done.

Getting the job done means setting up a hosting server and configuring a development environment, a testing environment and a production environment.  It means installing and configuring a full suite of s/w products needed to get the job done.  It means building version control and standards procedures for both development and test.

From a conceptual standpoint, it means modelling the data to formulate a database design and modelling the functions to define program specs and appropriate business rules and state transitions.

It seems complicated – but it’s just the standard process professionals use to build new software.

Just because no one else has done it – does not mean you can’t do it.  It just takes creativity, a budget and a team that knows what they are doing.

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