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Submissions to Directories and Blogs

Creating a lot of buzz about your company online requires volume posting to multiple online blogs and directories in a variety of formats. These formats include blog entries, articles, press releases, business registrations and various others.

Directory listings, business blogs, associative blogs, business networks, advertising sites, business journals, news portals, etc. are all part of the plan formula for those postings.

We work with you to determine the right sites and blogs for your business and make recommendations for those that have the most impact in increasing your online presence and thus SEO.

Basically, we are trying to get your business out in front of your customers by targeting places that they would frequent and establishing back links to your site.

To do this, we need to write lots of good quality material that is interesting, valuable, and available on the right blogs and directories to the right people – your customers.

We need to make your business “pervasive” online.

In doing this, we are also making the search engines happy because we are meeting their criteria for getting ranked well – being a well established entity online.

If you are not to be found anywhere other than your own website, this is a problem.  You need to start posting online – and you need help figuring out where.

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