Six Steps to Achieve Website Success …

1. HIRE web experts,
2. BUILD a fantastic website,
3. DRIVE traffic to the website,
4. CONVERT traffic into customers,
5. MAINTAIN all of the parts regularly, &
6. NEVER EVER take your eye off the ball!

Our Main Service Categories

1. Web Design

We have over 13 years experience delivering professional web designs that not only represent our client’s businesses well online, but also do a lot of heavy lifting in the background to drive customers to their sites to increase their sales and improve their bottom lines. That’s why businesses invest in a website in the first place – to improve the business sales.


Professional web designers know this.  AND, they know what needs to be done to achieve this.  Knowing this and doing this are fundamental skills required to realize ALL that your website can do for your business.

2. Custom Programming

Sometimes your organization is so unique that there is NO off the shelf plugin, app or product out there that will take care of some of your organization’s unique needs.  That’s when custom programming is essential.  Our team of capable experts from across North America are ready to build whatever you need.  We like the challenge!  And we do it right.  We not only write the code, we test it, implement it on your website and then test it again.  And we ensure that your website and any custom software achieve the necessary performance, security, search indexing, availability, device readiness, and user experience that a good website should have. We always go the extra mile to ensure that everything is done right.

3. Web Hosting

When we create a website for you, we also host it on the cloud for you.  We manage all the moving parts while you’re sleeping including: data storage, backup/recovery, load balancing, security, licensing management, performance monitoring & tuning, SEO checkups, third party product update management (new versions of software components including PayPal processing), data security and encryption, data compression and all other chores involved in keeping your website running, updated, managed, maintained, monitored and secure.

Cloud hosting is the fastest, cheapest, most secure, most flexible option available today and will remain so for many years to come as 5G enters the tech scene.

4. Online Marketing

Once we take your website live, we then work with you to market your products and services online.  That includes setting your company up with Google My Business, Google Analytics & Search Console, Mail Chimp, MOZ SEO Account, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Directory Listings, Social Networks and Blogs.  All of these things increase your internet presence, increase your search standings, increase your online followers, email database, social presence and general visibility online.  The net result?  Customers, customers and more customers.  These are pieces to the overall puzzle required to get maximum visibility online – a must to take full advantage of having a website with the intentions of increasing sales.

1. Web Design

Basic Design & Setup

We work with you to discuss your business, your corporate culture, your client base and demographics, your current marketing strategy, your…

Online Branding

We inspect your current branding strategy: logos, slogans, business cards, marketing material, ad designs and promotional materials to…

Website SEO

Once your website is completed, it needs to be optimized for search engines. This means: adding or ensuring that focus keywords are correct…

Mobile Ready Sites

All our websites are built now using “responsive” web design. This means the website will be resized and re-shuffled by page section…

Website CMS

Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed to provide laymen (staff) the back end system necessary to update their websites pages…

2. Custom Programming

Phone and Mobile Apps

Occasionally our clients ask us to take a custom application they use (or wish to use) and convert it into a smart phone application that they can…

Advanced Website Coding

Advanced website programming can include one or more advanced functions for your website, including: e-commerce and sales functions…

Emails Alerts Texts Notices

Staying in touch with your customers, members, staff, etc. can be automated through your website. These functions are automated through…

Database Integrations

Often our customers will need to “connect” up with other information somewhere out there on the internet. Provided the vendor is willing to…

Custom Software Development

Sometimes our clients will request custom development – either as part of their website (an additional custom function) or as a stand alone…

3. Web Hosting

Security Backups Performance

When you are selling products online, you have to be concerned about security, reliability and BACKUPS! You don’t want to lose orders…

Cloud Hosting and Monitoring

Just like your e-commerce tools provide you with summaries, our server hosting tools do, too. They are a great source for pinpointing any…

4. Online Marketing

Building an Online Presence

To establish an Online Presence, we must set your company up with accounts on Google My Business, Google Analytics & Search Console, and MOZ SEO. 

Internet and Email Ad Campaigns

For starters, all sites should have a registration for customers.  If you don’t sell products on your site, then you’ll need to find another method to collect their emails. 

SEO Management

Once your web presence has been established, your registrations are growing, your customers are flowing in and your sales are increasing – don’t think you’re finished.

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